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America's Arty M.D.
Dr.Shehrezad F.Czar

Nick named ‘ARTY’ by his peers for being a world-class artist with powerful expression in calligraphy, and abstract visualization of western classical music in several mediums, we are introducing Dr.Czar as an accomplished man on the creative arts side. He is one of the world’s top and few ambidextrous calligraphers and painters who can create a perfect image reflection of the most complicated lines of any language in the world. With calligraphy as his passion, he has developed ways of its application never imagined before, this time fashion.

His partner, an unstoppable, emerging fashion designer from Europe puts life into his work through fashion sketches, and ultimately transferring it on fabric. This has created a stir amongst the high-end European fashion world, which is now waiting for the duo’s debut sometimes towards the end of this year.


From world leaders to a common man, Czar develops themes for occasions such as national celebrations, weddings, valentines, birthdays, etc., using this all-powerful calligraphic expression as his forte’. He works on calligraphic projects of all sizes. “My work belongs to common people, and they are its true custodians. I want to be sure I give it back to the them”, he remarked while talking with Michaels Arts and Crafts Stores, from where he is launching a distinctive line of hand-made, hand-written invitations and cards for all occasions. 


Please contact him directly for project of any size. Proceeds from his work will go to the Cancer Research Center at Stanford, The American Cancer Society, and the Alta Bates Medical Center.